Should College Writing Be Mandatory Essay

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There have been arguments on whether college writing should be a mandatory class for college students. Better grammar and better communication skills are just a few reasons why college writing is an important class for students and should be made mandatory across the United States of America. In society today many people don’t see the bigger picture and they settle for “good”, but they shouldn’t only focus on how good something is but how it can be improved and made better. I believe that practicing writing forces you to always try to improve and that could potentially help our country economy and help us grow intellectually. Some student argue that college writing is very similar to high school writing and that’s why they think it is unnecessary to take a writing class in college. I believe that the students who believe college writing is exactly like high school writing are wrong because writing expectations are different in college. For some students across the U.S. a college writing class is very useless and a waste of time but on the other hand many more student across the nation need to take a writing class due to their poor grammar and subpar communication skills and would greatly benefit from this course. In this nation communication is a major key to being successful because in every job you need to be able to communicate with you peers and coworkers to get a certain task done, so our nation would benefit by making a writing class mandatory. To be given approximately 2 hours per week to primarily focus on writing is extremely beneficial to students because even though many students think college writing is a waste of time in reality it doesn…show more content…
Even if you don’t think you would benefit from college writing you can’t deny the fact that many students across the U.S need and would benefit by taking a writing
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