Should Colleges Have Guns In Colleges Essay

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Should Public College Campuses Allow Guns? In recent years, there have been many shootings in education institutions like colleges, high schools or universities, making us have discussions on enforcing gun control. Naturally, there are people who oppose the use of guns on college campuses, but there are also people who agree with the use of guns. It’s unfortunate to hear that Texas will be one of eight states to allow the carrying of concealed weapons on public college campuses, joining Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Mississippi among others (Fernandez, Montgomery). There are important reasons why guns should not be allowed on College Campuses. Many students are not fully mature, and would attempt to use the gun to shoot or threaten someone else…show more content…
It is uncommon to see people carrying guns unless they are officers of the police department, the FBI or Secret Service for instance. With the new law in place, it seems like people will have free will to carry guns to the college without major restrictions. People might be afraid and they will try to avoid being close to those people when college is supposed to be a safe, trusting community. This may create a tense environment in any area within the college and of course within the classrooms. The Professors said they worry about inviting a student into their offices to talk about a failing grade if they think that the student is armed. If a student does not agree with a teacher’s teaching style or if the students are not doing well in class, and they are getting failing grades, and have a high level of stress, it might be possible that they try to resolve this by threatening the professor with a gun. It is a real possibility and a risk that professors will probably doesn’t want to take. I understand that some people defend the use of guns to provide protection and self-defense. They believe they have the right to carry guns and this might prevent violence, but I don’t agree with this purpose. Instead, and I think the use of guns on college campuses will bring more violence and
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