Should Colleges Use Social Media

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Social Media Essay Imagine if all the years of hard studying and late nights staying up, doing homework was taken away by one post on social media. Social media accounts can be used against a college student or it can be used as a tool for college students to help get accepted; it all depends on how one uses it. Colleges should be able to use social media because college is a privilege for people to attend and if people really want to go to college they should be able to clean up their accounts, a lot of people want to use social media as a helpful tool to get accepted, and because colleges have to be so selective in who they take into their school they should have the right to look at a student’s profile if it is public. One reason that colleges should be able to use social media is the fact that college is a privilege and students should be able to clean up their social media profiles if they really want to get accepted. For example, a Harvard…show more content…
An excerpt from The Herald Leader by Brett Barroquerre states that the University of Louisville dismissed a young lady because the girl violated the school’s honor code by posting information about a patient on her blog (Source B). Although the young lady meant no harm by posting information about her patient on her blog she violated the school 's honor code and should be punished for what she did. Although the punishment might be extreme, this is a great example of why it will keep kids from posting stuff that the college would not approve of because this young lady definitely learned her lesson after getting kicked out and getting rejected her appeal. The fact that a college or job can see whatever they want on social media gives people a good reason to watch what they post on social media and make sure everything about them is all cleaned
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