Should Computers Replace Computers Essay

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There have been so many amazing inventions, which have helped humans have easier and more productive lives. Computers are also one of these inventions that have change the way we live and work. In this modern era, computer systems used in most work areas such as sports, politics, health and security. There is a controversial issue, which is whether computer systems should replace humans in the work place. Even though, many people may think that human cannot replaced in the work place, there are many fields of work where computers can do better job than humans can.

Some may say that work of well-trained person is better than that of programed computer system. They may think that a qualified person with experience is better able to handle any problem in work field than any ordinary machine. However, with the advancement of technology, there are highly specialized computer systems, which can work more efficiently than a well-qualified person can. Specialists can also sometimes make errors in their work because of tiredness, but computer systems are
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They may be think that someone with computer knowledge can easily hack data from computers and can misuse this data. This might be true, but this can also happen with humans. Any normal thief can steal data from humans because humans may write the data and save it in a locker, but any thief can steal the key of the locker and can get that data. On the other hand, not every person has computer security knowledge to hack computer and the systems these days are very advanced. It might be impossible for a person, who has not any knowledge of computer security system, can hack this system. Furthermore, there is advanced security systems that require passwords, fingerprint locks, face identification, eye scan (FTC 2017). Neither human nor computer systems can fully secure any data, however computer have more security than a person
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