Should Concealed Hand Guns Be Banned Essay

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Concealed handguns can make a thief or mugger flee if you use it for self defence. Should concealed handguns be permitted because they can help bring crime. So concealed handguns should be allowed because they could benefit law abiding citizens. Did you know concealed handguns can deter crime?Murders are brought down thanks to concealed handguns by 8.5%. The reason why murders are brought down by that percent,is because crime is deterred by concealed handguns because most of the time a murderer would use a knife, a pipe, a hammer, or even their own car. “Rapes can be brought down by 5%” (Should adults have…) as well. The reason why, is because a rapist is going to have a hard time trying to rape someone, that means they’re going to be careful with who they pick and 9 times out of 10 when someone draws their gun, the rapist is going to get shot. “From 1977 to 1992”, nearly 120,000…show more content…
See criminals are always going to get their hands on guns no matter how many gun restrictions we pass. We can’t stop people from getting guns because there has to be at least 310 million guns and maybe 180 billion rounds of ammo in the US. Now the NORC in 2001 found that 59 percent of people with concealed handguns felt safer when they left their home. That means people from big cities felt safer when they left their homes because they had a concealed handgun. In 2014 there was a 23% incline from women that concealed handguns made them feel safe. Now the reason because of that incline with women is that women are a bigger target for rapists, muggers, and thieves. Now robbery and assault victims who draw a handgun in defence 55.5% of the time the criminal will flee. So if you think about it if someone draws a handgun while you're trying to rob someone your instincts with tell you to back off and run because it could be loaded, the safety could be off and you could get
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