Should Congress Have Term Limits Essay

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There are many differing views on the powers congress holds, and congress itself, one such point of view is on whether or not congressmen should have a limited number of terms they are capable of serving, similar to how the president is only capable of serving two terms, and whether or not it would benefit both the people and the government. Congress itself is the legislative branch of the federal government, and as such holds a large amount of authority and power, including putting laws into effect, declaring war, taxing, impeachment, and many other important duties that can be carries out only by congress. Furthermore, members of congress do not have limits on the amount of terms they are allowed to serve, only limits on the length of each term, for those in the house of representatives each term is two years, while in the senate, each term is six years long. I find this to be a matter of public concern because many…show more content…
Individual rights are involved because members of congress that have been their positions for many years may have prejudices and grudges against certain people, groups and parties, and this may affect their decision during the passing of laws or the approval of a constitutional amendment, therefore, it is for the benefit of peoples right in general, to have members of congress that are not allowed to serve indefinitely, otherwise not only will ideas stagnate, but prejudices that may infringe upon peoples equality when it comes to the passing of laws will remain in congress for extended periods of time and be able to cause greater negative
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