Should Controversial Books Be Kept In Books In Schools?

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With the final stroke of a pen, they were completed. Books that would go on to be considered masterpieces…but not by everyone. However, a problem begins to arise. Books are removed from shelves. This was because of controversial topics such as racism and religion. For years, many authors have been struggling to have their voices heard through books. Both sides, those for and against book banning, have many points and concerns about it. As this struggle continues, it has drifted into the classroom. Some teachers and parents believe that removing or abridging controversial books would benefit classrooms. The topic of book banning has a deep history to consider, and there will always be supporters and critics to debate this topic. Before the 19th century, books were only made to be religious and moralistic. People claimed that fiction books would be "mentally unwholesome" Though this ban was lifted, many books continued, and still are challenged. The book "Are You There God? It’s me, Margret." by Judy Blume touched on subjects…show more content…
As people continue to write, many wonder, are the words put down on paper at risk of endangering our children? Many critics argue that controversial topics should be kept in books to show the struggles people have gone through. Defenders argue that students will become so fixated on the dark topics, that they won’t be able to see the difference in real life and the book, and make poor decisions because of it. Allowing the book banning to happen would cause a large portion of controversial books to display a different message to the reader than what was intended. However, supporters claim this will prevent conflict and shock. On the other hand, Critics claim that abridging the topics will only prevent students from learning anything, thus ruining the opportunity to grow as an individual. With this being said, A book is only as threating as one judges it to

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