Should Cost Implants Be Restricted?

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Many women face the fear that they are not good enough for anyone or even themselves. They always find something that is apart of their body that is not quite how they like it. Since women find something about themselves that is not good enough, they think that they need to change their body in order to be happy. A common way of changing their body is by getting cosmetic plastic surgery; particularly silicone breast implants. It may seem like it is a great idea at the time, but once the person changes what they do not like about themselves, they will find another thing that causes them to get cosmetic plastic surgery again. These types of procedures are known to cause problems a couple years later. Women will keep choosing to get plastic surgery until they are satisfied-which will be never. Therefore, silicone breast implants should be prohibited.…show more content…
Rachel Nowak, the director of The Brain Dialogue, claims that “people who undergo the knife in the quest for a more attractive body or face are more likely than the average person to be suffering from psychiatric problems.” Women think that going through cosmetic plastic surgery is going to help them in the long run, when really it is only hurting them more because they will not be satisfied with what they have done with their body. Since many women are not satisfied with their bodies and choose to get silicone breast implants, they will eventually acquire mental health problems because they still are not pleased with themselves. Now that the women are not happy with what they have done to their bodies, they are more likely to commit suicide because they believe nothing about them is good enough
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