Should Criminologists Limit Their Study In This Way?

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2. In criminological/sociological study, what are some of the limitations to defining “crime” as only those actions in violation of criminal law? Do you feel that criminologists should limit their study in this way? Support your response. Crime is learned from a person’s interaction within a given society. People learn from the things they witness and see. When we are taught the wrong things it could be, detrimental not only to the public but your future views on life. Most felon’s choses to break the law intentionally to obtain some sort of reaction from the public or attention for himself or herself. They ignore the fact that they will be held accountable for their actions for committing these crimes. To be held liable for the results of your actions the individual must knowingly know that he or she has committed a crime in the eyes of the law. (Tappan, 1947, p. 100).…show more content…
Crime is the result of wealth and the unequal distribution of money. Statistically minorities and people of color are most often categorized as the group of individuals that are considered dangerous and or criminals performing criminal acts. It is easier to classify a minority as a criminal because of the way society perceives you. From the images, the media displays to your encounter with someone of another race. Males that had the characteristics of harsh parenting, conduct problems, school failure and deviant peers have grown up and live in a violent area are defined as a criminals. Although these boys are aware, capable of knowing the difference between what is right and what is wrong they lack the skills to make sound informative decisions because they thought it was
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