Should Death Penalty Be Abolished Essay

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Should the death penalty be abolished? I am for it being abolished. I really don’t see the whole point about the death penalty. There are always going to be criminals. Therefore, abolishing the death penalty will not influence anything. As a matter of fact, it is just a huge waste of resources.
One of the most argued reasons for why the death penalty should be gotten rid of permanently is fairness. In many different cases regarding the death penalty, people are wrongly killed. African Americans, hispanics, and other various races are statistically prosecuted more severe. Just because you are a different skin color doesn’t mean you should be executed or sentenced differently. For an example, angry or frustrated families should not have the power to decide the fate of another person
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“Morally makes us better if we kill those who kill? It’s hypocrital.” ( “Should the Death Penalty Be Abolished?”) If we are speaking about the moral thing to do that is to not kill that person. Us killing that person makes us just as bad, but cleary no one sees that. In all seriousness this stupid, unneeded penalty is just unnecessary killing.
“The death penalty doesn’t stop people from doing crime.” (Why the Death Penalty Should be Abolished) There is always going to be criminals out there causing trouble. “Imprisonment is so much better.” (Should the Death Penalty Be Abolished) I agree with that statement 100%, it should stop most hypocrites but still somehow does not. They may be living but they are not granted the huge blessing that we all have freedom.
While they are in a cell for the rest of their lives. They cannot be surrounded by their loved ones, their friends, the people they care about the most. They don’t have that, that’s the way they should suffer. Rather than getting the easy way out and being killed. They sit in a cell day by day, hour by hour, dreading the choice they made to end up in that
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