Should Designer Babies Be Allowed

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Designer babies should be allowed in our society because it will encourage to scientist get a better understanding of the human genome. Danielle Simmons,Ph.D states , “Of course, as genetic research advances, tests are continually being developed for traits and behaviors that are not related to disease. Most of these traits and behaviors are inherited as complex conditions, meaning that multiple genes and environmental, behavioral, or nutritional factors may contribute to the phenotype. Currently, available tests include those for eye color, handedness, addictive behavior, "nutritional" background, and athleticism. But does knowing whether one has the background for these non disease traits negatively affect one 's self-concept or health perception? Studies are now beginning to address this question”(Genetic Inequality Par.4). This demonstrates that there have been improvements in the genetic test that can be taken due to genetic…show more content…
According to Matthew Mientka, “As with other genetically modified organisms, such as beets and corn, the GMO baby has the potential to eliminate many of the congenital diseases passed down through the mother’s family line”(‘Designer Babies’ Par.5). This means that offsprings developed through genetic engineering can now not be diagnosed of having diseases such as cancer,sickle Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer 's, and many more. Through a somatic cell nuclear transfer the gene of the fets can be replaced with one that is not mutated. By replacing that gene with a desired one the baby would now show characteristics of not having a given disease. According to the American Medical Association, “In cases such as cystic fibrosis or hemophilia, disease results from a mutation in a single gene. In other scenarios like hypertension or high cholesterol, certain genetic variations may interact with environmental stimuli to cause disease”
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