Should Dog Parks Be Paid?

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Dogs are a common and unique animal. They are full of energy, comforting and easy to get along with. However dogs can be a huge responsibility. Dogs require attention, care and time. Regardless if a dog park should be built or not their will be a price to be paid by both dog owners and non-owners. The question is which are you willing to pay? I believe that a dog park would be a good investment by tax payers within each cities. A dog park is a place where a dog can both play and get exercise. This is a place where a dog can roam free and bark as many times as it desires. Dog parks are a place where dogs can be dogs and enjoy themselves. A dog park can possibly create jobs for those who are unemployed but are looking for work. Dog parks are not only benificial to dogs but to the owners as well. If your board over the weekend and have nothing else to do, put on you sneakers and head over to the dog park! This is a great place for both dogs and owners to interact. A dog owner can play catch with his or hers dog. Or maybe you just want to walk with your dog in a dog friendly area.…show more content…
Earlier I said that there will be a price to be paid by both dog owner and non-owners. For those who own dogs, their tax dollar will be put into multiple dog parks across the nation. But for non-owners the price is held within the dogs that live around you. For when a non-owner comes home from work and wants to enjoy his evening which is soon enterupted by the barking from the neighbor's dog. Another example would sleepless nights do to the constant bark of you neighbors dog. The need of dog parks for dogs owners outways the needs of non-owners. A dog park would be in a non-owners best interest pay tax dollars for a dog park. As I said in the begining theirs a price be paid. Which price you want to pay is in your

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