Should Dogs Be Executed For Biting Essay

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Have you ever been bit by a dog and thought it was mean? Come to find out, it is very possible it’s not mean at all. Many facts show that dogs bite in many different scenarios. It’s not that they are mean, it could be how they were raised, them feeling threatened, or even low tolerance. There are many statements that prove that the dogs should not be executed for biting someone when it could possibly be our fault as a owner. Dogs should not be executed for biting someone because it could be how they were raised. People raise their dogs to protect them and their family or home. Just because the dog bites the mail man when they bring the mail, does not mean they are mean and should be executed. It means the owner trained the dog to protect the house and they are doing what they were trained to do. Cops raise K9’s to protect the community from danger and they use them to get the suspect and they don’t get executed. So why should a dog that is protecting his home? When a K9…show more content…
This is just another reason why they should not be executed for biting someone. One example of this is defending their pups. They bite when you mess with their pups because they think you are going to hurt them. The are doing what any mother would and protect their babies if they are threatened. There are many signs a dog gives you when it is scared or threatened. They will growl, show teeth, bark, and their hair will bristle. These are very important signs the dog gives you to show fear or even dominance. If the dog is really aggressive and wants to show dominance and has bit several people who have serious injuries they should be executed, but if it’s a rare case for a really friendly dog who bites out of excitement or playfulness then they should not. They also might be scared if they are hurt or ill. They bite then if they are messed with. So they should not be executed for this obvious reason when they are scared or feeling
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