Should Donald Trump Be America's Next President?

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Should Donald Trump be America 's next president? Donald Trump has been all over the news with his crazy claims. Currently, 43% of Republicans have sided with Trump. If the US citizens want to succeed for the next four years, we would need an adequate president to represent and lead the US. The ideal president would be experienced in congress, have much honesty and integrity, and show great leadership skills. Is Trump qualified to be our president? Trump’s past shows he had some sort of interest in politics. If Trump becomes president, we must know his backstory. Donald Trump was born on June 14, 1946, in Queens, New York. Donald was an assertive child. Because of his behavior, his parents enrolled him in New York Military Academy when he reached the age of 13 in the hope of a change in his attitude. His time in the military school built him to be strong in academics and socially open to growth. Once graduating from the Academy, Trump entered the University of Pennsylvania. At Pennsylvania, he obtained a degree in…show more content…
As I said, Trump has been criticized negatively about his campaign. Here are some reasons why he shouldn’t be the 45th President: Trump says many dumb and racist comments. At the start of his campaign, Trump wanted to discuss the country’s illegal immigration problem. He generalized the majority of Mexican immigrants as being drug dealers and rapists. The majority of Americans were not proud of what he had said. Another reason is Trump can 't control what he says. Being President, your words mean so much. If Trump can’t control what he says, he can create a diplomatic crisis or even start a war. Trump can run America into the ground with just his mouth. Another reason is Trump behavior encourages violence. In Trumps speeches, he talks about punching protesters in the face. Not only that, he has sent threats to people who oppose him. Trump is basically high-fiving violence. A politician should seek to end violence instead of starting acts of

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