Should Doping Be Legalized In Sports Essay

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Should doping be legalised in competitive sports?
My academic writing research paper topic is based on the topic question “should doping be legalised in competitive sports?” My research is based on what the effects and consequences are of doping in competitive sports. What is doping? The word doping is derived from the Dutch word ‘doop’ which was an alcoholic beverage consumed by ‘Zulu’ warriors to help them enhance their prowess in battle. The term doping came about more commonly in the twentieth century. There are numerous definitions to explain the term doping but the definition used officially is, “Doping is defined as the occurrence of one or more of the anti-doping rule violations set forth in Article
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In 1910, athletes were accused of being doped. In 1920 a drug named amphetamine was used and produced. By the year 1960s the usage of Performance enhancing drugs had greatly risen. In the same year in the Rome Olympic Games, Danish cyclist K. Jensen died of amphetamine abuse. By the second half of the 19th century, doping and steroid abuse had become a serious problem. In 1967 two athletes, Tom Simpson a British cyclist and runner Dick Howard lost their lives due to amphetamine and heroin abuse respectively. Doping became an illegal action and any athlete caught or proved to be doped was banned from competing. Many athletes were first awarded but then their awards were taken back and they were banned from the sport. In the 21st century numerous athletes were accused of doping like the sprinters T. Montgomery, D. Chambers, M. Jones and many unknown. A popular case of drug abuse is of the cyclist Lance Armstrong who had won the Tour De France seven time consecutively but was stripped off those achievements due to a doping scandal. The International Association of Athletics Federation IAAF was the first Sports Federation to put a ban on doping and

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