Should Dress Codes Be Allowed In Schools Essay

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Student Rights By: Joey James Do students ever think that the schooling system takes away some of their basic rights? Should they have to trade their rights for a ticket into school? Sometimes school systems infringe the rights of students through aspects of privacy, freedom of expression, and freedom of speech. Some Schools can tend to overload policies and guidelines. Dress code seems to restrict freedom of students around the country. According to the book Students’ Viewpoints, strict dress codes don't allow students to express themselves. It's been a long time american value to practice the idea that americans can be as mean as they want to, so as that they don't directly promote violence towards anyone. We put up with just about anything that grinds our gears, because our disapprovement doesn't have the power to prevent others from saying or doing something. That should go for the clothing that children choose to wear in school, so as that they aren't hurting anyone. -(Atlanta Journal-Constitution 89) With this statement on the topic of dress code, it is against Americans’ basic rights to restrict them from wearing something that…show more content…
They may seem like they help, but school uniforms aren't what we're looking for. They are both a restriction on student rights and schools don't have the power to enforce clothing on students. Making uniforms mandatory is useless and won't solve the problem.- (Forster and Geier 1.) In agreement with this statement, some may argue with this saying some kids can afford better clothes, and it's distracting, etc. People make money in order to get nice things like that, because someone doesn't like something or can't get something doesn't mean they should take it away for others. This may not be the reason or situation that created the specific dress code but students as young adults should be allowed to express themselves
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