Should Driverless Cars Be Allowed

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Juston Marler
American Lit.

Should driverless cars be allowed?

Screech!! Crash!! Your driverless car was driving on a gravel road and lost control. Now The front of your car is badly damaged and you don’t know what to do. This is what could happen if driverless cars were allowed on the roads. I believe that they would cause more harm than help.
My parents always taught me that driving cars is one of the biggest responsibilities and I have to be careful. “A car can be lethal weapon, and driving a car is a big responsibility.” says Marion Charles pg.4. Plus, not to mention how many road hazards there are. Things like bad weather, mechanical failure and there could even be computer glitches with the self-driving cars which are things that could go wrong. A driverless car could take me completely out in the middle of nowhere because of a glitch or google maps error.
What would happen if someone would be killed or the driverless cars parked in spots it wasn’t supposed to park? As robots become more popular lawmakers will have to come up with ways to control machines and have computers responsible. “Only four states and the District of Columbia have passed laws specific to driverless cars” says Miller. Lawyers and the car’s designers say none of these issues are going to prevent self-driving cars from being legalized because current
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If they are tired they can take a nap while the controlled computer will drive them on the route they need to go on. They also don’t have road rage like people do so if someone does something that makes someone mad then they will not have control over the vehicle and won’t be able to do something on accident because of their rage. Companies and car ownerships will make more money off of driverless cars so it would be a good investment. “It will be a huge gain for society in terms of safety, and finance.” Says Marion Charles pg.
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