Should Driving Be Allowed To Use Cell Phones While Driving?

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Technology has become more and more important throughout the decades. Humans have become more and more dependent on technology in their everyday lives, primarily using technological devices, like cell phones, for communication with friends and family. Most people, especially teenagers, carry a cell phone with them for most of each day. Unfortunately, people have become so devoted to their cell phones, they would distract themselves when they are driving on the road, causing extreme damage and increasing irrelevant casualties. That is why interacting with cell phones or other communication devices while driving should be illegal. Some argue that cell phones should be allowed while a person is driving. A driver may need to dial for an ambulance or a police officer. A similar amount of car crashes will event with or without cell phone involvement. Some simply say that texting while…show more content…
Their insurance rates would rise to an incredible amount, and would continue to if the driver was the cause of another incident. Any serious injuries from the incident would cost a significant amount of money from medical bills. Repairing the car or buying a new one would cost thousands of dollars. Any valuables within the car would likely be in need of replacing. Funerals for those who died in a related crash would cost a tremendous amount of money as well. Finances would be incredibly more manageable with laws against using cell phones while driving. Ultimately, interaction with cellular devices while driving should be banned. Directing the car to the side of the road and parking would decrease any dangerous risks involved. Lives are at risk when it comes to a driver simply replying to a text message. An incident while using a cell phone and driving would cost an absurd amount of money. Laws against cellular device use while driving would make the world a safer
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