Should Drug Testing Be Done In Schools Essay

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Drug testing should be done in schools. Many people have died, or gotten severely injured from drug abuse. In 2003, Taylor Hooton, a 17 year old high school athlete from Plano, Texas, took his own life as a result from abusing steroids. He was young, and made the mistake to take the drug, as anyone in the world could. Schools can prevent this by drug testing their students. If they drug test them, they can prevent safety issues, show that they care about their students, and prevent unfair situations. Drug testing should be done in schools because it keeps the athletes safe, it prevents unfair situations, and teaches life lessons. Drug testing keeping student athletes keeps students safe, because it shows that the school cares about them, and if they care about sports, they should be ready for a drug test. Studies on performance enhancers, like steroids, etc., show that after a while of using the drug, negative effects on long term health come into play (Pro & Con…). Keeping kids healthy and safe is one of the school 's main priorities and they will do what it takes to keep kids safe. Drug testing student athletes will decrease the amount of people that will play for their schools, but it will show that the athletes know that they are not taking…show more content…
Drug testing is a way for students’ to know that their opponent, or even their teammate is not taking performance enhancers that can harm anyone on the court or field, because one athlete 's choice to use performance enhancers has a huge effect of their competition (Pro Con). This prevents unfair situations because if an athlete is taking steroids the other athletes are at risk and this could even result in injury of an athlete. The type of win at any cost mentality will also coerce other athletes to start using. This can result in the original enhancer user to start using a stronger dosage, making the vicious cycle keep going until people start taking their own life on

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