Should Drugs Be Allowed In Sports Essay

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Should the use of performance enhancing drugs be allowed in sports? In this essay I will be writing about the usage of performance enhancing drugs and whether they should or should not be allowed to take in sports. I will be mentioning my views on this question, the local and global perspective, as well as the impact that performance enhancing drugs will have on the world of sport and the world in general. Sports is a massive and worldwide industry. From the very start doping/taking drugs in professional sports has been considered illegal and this rule has been heavily enforced by different organizations, authorities, officials, etc, such as WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency). The most popular sport in the world is football/soccer. However the sport in which doping has occurred the most in is cycling, followed by weightlifting and then boxing. Cycling comes in with positive test results of doping for 3.6 percent of the cyclists. Although there are heavily enforced rules about doping in sports, some athletes continue to take these substances. This question has sparked a lot of controversy…show more content…
There are various factors contributing to this movement. Some may argue that they should be legal because it is bound to happen, it is part of evolution. Sports is evolving every day and just like the new technologies and techniques coming out to improve the game, there should be the legalization of these drugs. Although there is a particular risk involved, that is sport. An athlete takes risks all the time on the field and off the field, whether be adapting to something new or pushing on with something current, risks are part of the game and performance enhancing drugs should be a part of it too. These drugs are already obtainable to almost every athlete and in order to level it out it should just be legal already as they aren’t going
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