Persuasive Essay About Dying English

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Should dying languages be saved? Over the last few decades learning English has become more important or even better said a must to live in today’s world. Globalization has made it occur that more and more people are learning the English language, because people from different countries want to communicate with each other, however because all these people are learning English or another often spoken language nowadays they stop speaking their original language or become less fluently at speaking it. This causes the original language to be replaced with in this case English, in the end no one of that society speaks the original language anymore and it causes the language to become extinct. This is happening at a very high rate because according to Michael Krauss, director of the Alaska Native Language Center, 90 percent of languages could become extinct by 2100. This would mean that from the roughly 6500 languages that are spoken today only 650 languages would still exist by the year 2100. I believe that we should make an effort to stop these languages go extinct and try to preserve some of the languages that are about to go extinct by the year 2100. According Michael Krauss even with active help to preserve these languages 50 percent of the languages could be extinct by 2100…show more content…
This English has also died out and was replaced by a new way of talking English therefore the old English is also extinct. It is inevitable, because language will always change over time no matter what and by trying to preserving the language we will only let it be here for just a couple more years when it will eventually still be extinct. So in the end trying to preserve a language by putting a lot of money in it to save it, it will probably be used for another maybe 10 years and then it will be extinct because language changes when one culture is stronger present than the
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