Should Education Be Compulsory In Schools Essay

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“In order for a man to succeed in life, God provided him with two means, education and physical activity. Not separately, one for the soul and the other for the body, but for the two together.”-Greek Philosopher Plato. What better way to enhance this than to be part in a class that focuses on the topic. Physical education in schools goes all the way back to Greece in 386 B.C. A Greek Philosopher began this, understanding the importance of physical fitness. The government implemented more PE classes in schools after discovering the fitness levels needed in military services. PE should be mandatory in schools because it gives students the opportunity to practice teamwork as well as learn how to maintain proper health. The first reason physical…show more content…
The way PE classes to this in explained in the article, Physical Education is a Necessary Developmental Tool by stating, “...instill in students the importance of physical health and bodily awareness in their development...includes information about nutrition and healthy food choices...can avoid these costs by giving young people the tools to avoid and overcome obesity and other eating disorders…” It’s important that children learn how to maintain proper health. PE gives this information such as how much/what kind of exercise to be doing and what foods to be eating or avoiding. How students learn healthy behaviors is interpreted in, Using PE to Teach Vital Skills by saying, “...children are to fully engage with sport and physical activity and develop a lifelong love of exercise...Building a passion and love for a sport is critical in sustaining a prolonged involvement in it…” Some students may not realize that they actually do have an interest in some type of physical activity. If involved in a PE class, they may find a sport that they’re hooked on. Playing this sport may allow them to stay or become physically fit. Physical education introduces students to many ways that they can sustain hearty
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