Should Electives Be Allowed In Schools

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According to Laurie Futterman who chairs the science department and teaches gifted middle school science at David Lawrence Jr. K-8 Center, “Reading, math and science aren’t for everyone — and we need to realize that.”(“Beyond the Classroom: Electives in School — Essential or Entertaining?”)Students can get amazing impacts from electives. Elective can change the way students go through their life. Electives should be allowed to stay in middle and high schools because it can help students find their hidden talents, it can help them find their future job, and find ways to get better grades. One reason electives should be provided is they may help students find their hidden talent. According to Ernie Rambo, electives can show their kids some skills that some classes may not consider(Rambo). Also, electives can help many students find out how they are. This can help the students later in life. Furthermore, electives can show students what they’re becoming. Overall, this shows that electives are able to help students to find their way in life. Another reason electives should be provided is they may help students find their future job. According to McKenzie Sarnak, electives can sometimes be able to help students figure out jobs they would love to have(Sarnak). In addition, electives can show…show more content…
Secondly, the schools can’t meet their federal requirements. Finally, students can have an increase in test scores without electives. The electives shows quite the opposite. In fact, test scores improve, according to Laurie Futterman, author of ‘’ Beyond the Classroom: Electives in school - essential or entertaining?’’ because students are more likely to be in attendance every day. Therefore, it is clear schools should offer electives because of the many benefits provided to

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