Should Electoral College Be Abolished Research Paper

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When people go to the voting booth and fill out the ballot with their candidate of choice, many people think they are directly voting for that candidate. However, America uses electoral votes/electoral college that has 538 electors distributed throughout the states, who determine the winner of the presidency. So what are Americans voting for? Why is such a system in place when we have popular vote? In the past, the most efficient way to give citizens around the country an opportunity to vote was the electoral college, or so the founding fathers thought. Nonetheless, the electoral college should be abolished because citizens’ votes should all count equally all states should get the same attention from presidential candidates, and everyone’s voice should be heard. The electoral college system ultimately fails the citizens of bigger states because their votes don’t count as much as those in smaller states. How? Well, as previously mentioned, there’s 538 electors who are distributes…show more content…
However, the electoral college does not make candidates care more about small states. Instead, it makes candidates focus on so called, “battleground states”, ignoring the rest of the states. In the 2004 election, almost all of campaign costs were spent in 17 states. “Wisconsin, another “battleground state” received a total of thirty-one candidate visits … ignored states included Texas and Illinois.” (source D) The college is in essence making the nation believe that you can win an election by ignoring the people who count the “least”, including those in small states. If the united states were to adopt the system of popular vote, all states would get an equal amount of attention from candidates and all citizens would get a proper image of their candidate, not one manufactured by social
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