Should Emily Brent Deserve To Be Sent To Indian Island?

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10 people were sent to a mysterious island called Indian Island. They were sent there for a vacation, but it was not the type of vacation they were hoping for, it was a death trap. The people sent were all criminals who were never caught. Most of them are very dangerous and deserved to be put on Indian Island except for few individuals who should have had different consequences for their actions. Emily Brent did not deserve to be sent to Indian Island to die. She was invited my a old friend that she met on a cruise ship. What she did was kicked her daughter out of her house after being informed her daughter was pregnant. Her daughter, Beatrice Taylor soon after killed herself. Emily Brent was very angry when she kicked Beatrice out. She wasn’t thinking straight because of how angry she was. Although her actions were unnecessarily, Emily did not encourage the suicide at all, she just got very angry and didn’t know what to do. This does not mean that Emily should not be punish, its saying that she should be punished with a fine, or a sentence; not death.…show more content…
He got sent to indian island by being called and offered a job. What he did was operate on Louis Cless, while he was intoxicated. His actions resulted in her death. Although this crime was serious and involved death, it was not extremely violent. What happened was not meant to, if he was not intoxicated this probably would never have happened. Some people can’t handle their liquor and do things that they would never do sober. Therefore, Armstrong was not fully responsible for this, if he were to be sober then he would be. Doctor Armstrong should have never been sent to Indian Island, there are many other consequences that would have resolved this
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