Should Everyone Be Allowed To Climb Mount Everest

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Should Everyone be allowed to Climb Mount Everest? Has anyone ever wondered about climbing Mount Everest? For example, some people may have phobias, anxiety, or other fears. Not everyone should be allowed to climb Mount Everest. First of all, if people have fears of heights this is definitely not a good idea to do. The peak of Mount Everest is approximately 8,848 meters high. If adventures want to climb Mount Everest and they don’t like heights, it is not recommended. Not to mention that the elevation is 29,029 meters high. If you are afraid of heights then do not climb Mount Everest. This mountain is a very young mountain and it still continues to grow, in one century it grows about 40 centimeters or more. Another reason why, is because climbers tend to have negative thoughts before climbing. For example, anxiety is a huge feeling before climbing. Those adventurist most the time push the fears out of the way and just do what they paid for. Secondly, a large amount people do not want to die,…show more content…
Obviously, there are a lot of risks that would be taken if you chose to go. Even though it would be a fun experience, there still are people who have the fears and the anxiety. It would be better not to risk a good mans life. In conclusion, there are a lot of deaths that do occur because of simple things such as the mountain being dirty and the fears that adventurist get. There could be a way to fix the deaths and causes of it. For example, there could be a more faster way to get help. Maybe a helicopter that takes the people in need to the 1st bases again, make them healthy and then take them back to where they left off so the climber’s money wouldn’t be wasted. There could also be signs of awareness to help people feel safe. Just until now make sure that risks won’t be taken and that people are safe by not climbing Mount
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