Should Everyone Go To College Essay

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Most people in the world thinks that a degree is required almost everywhere. In today’s society it is often thought if you don’t go to college you won’t succeed. In Owen and Sawhill’s article “Should Everyone Go To College?” responds to people that either go to college and actually earn a degree or people who do not go to college and are actually saving money. Most reason that college is not always the idea for a student and their families is the cost. “The cost of college matters as well: the more someone has to pay to attend, the lower the net benefit of attending.” (Owen and Sawhill, 2013, p. 2 ) Although the authors mention the benefits of attending college, they argue that college is only beneficial under certain circumstances. In the…show more content…
There are of course the basic answers to this question. It might be claimed that people should not go to college because some people are simply not intelligent enough to go to college. While honesty compels the world to admit that there is truth to this to some extent. It also compels the world to admit that people generally overestimate the amount of intelligence required to get through college, with good persistence and hard work anyone could get a degree. While a certain level of intelligence is required it might also be noted that everyone should not go to college because not everyone can afford the cost of college. With that being said, with people not being able to afford college the dropout rate tends to increase compared to people able to afford college the graduation rates are much higher. Continuing with the matter of cost, an apparent observation because of the government's debt is that not everyone should go to college because, as a practical matter, it would not be possible for society to provide the educational resources needed for every person in the world to attend college. On one side, this is a reasonable answer. After all, people who cannot afford to go to college should not go to college, just like someone who wants an expensive car and can’t afford one should not buy one. On the other side, the question could be looked at another point of view. To use an analogy, consider if a person should seek treatment for a disease.
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