Should Everyone Go To College: Is It Worth It?

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Everyone has heard that going to college is the best thing that someone can do for themselves. While many people do make jokes about how college can be overwhelming and cause people to become emotionally and physically ill, going to college has its benefits. Yet despite the benefits that college offers the question of whether or not college is worth it and or actually necessary has always been in the back of the mind. With the rise of college dropout entrepreneurs becoming billionaires like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, or ordinary people becoming stars and viral sensations over night, is making people question whether they should drop out or even attend college. In youth one has always been told that they must attend college in order to escape poverty…show more content…
As Stephanie Owen and Isabel Sawhill state in their paper “Should Everyone Go to College?”, “study after study reminds us that higher education is is one of the best investments we can make and President Obama has called it ‘an economic imperative’” (208). Time after time the youth are being doctrinated that attending college is best investment that one can make for their future. Studies done have proven that attending college not only open opportunities but that they also offer social benefits. Owen and Sawhill report that “there are many non-monetary benefits of schooling which are harder to measure but no less important. Research suggests that additional education improves overall well being by affecting things like job satisfaction, health, marriage, parenting, trust, and social interaction” (210). Attending college also makes a person more likely to participate in politics, go out to vote, and participate in local government. While these added benefits may help out social wise it still doesn 't justify the amount of tuition paid in order to get those benefits. Over the year the price of college tuition has risen drastically, causing people to put off going to
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