Should Fantasy Football Be Banned Essay

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Each year, Americans spend about eleven billion dollars just on fantasy football (“By the Numbers”). Considering that this is a large sum of money, it is obvious that Americans adore this game. Fantasy football has been played in the USA for a very long time, and is now an essential part of this society. It has been used for entertainment and for competition for many years, without any complications. However, after daily fantasy football was introduced, which introduced weekly winnings of over one million dollars, fantasy football became less of a friendly competition. Now, many people consider this game as gambling, and believe that it should be banned. This would have an innumerable amount of negative affects, and a few positive ones. Fantasy football should be permitted, as long as regulations are upheld to maintain fair play.
Being a large part in present American culture, fantasy football allows Americans to grasp a deeper sense in the sport of football. Every year, families and friends get together and compete against each other in fantasy leagues. It becomes a part of a person’s yearly routine, and participating in fantasy football is common among families and friends. In fact, thirty million people engaged in some
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By banning this game, the government would be stripping a person’s ability to practice a legitimate, entertaining, and competitive game. Furthermore, Fantasy Football does not share many characteristics with gambling, and is supported by professional, reputable societies, and by the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. Lastly, rules and regulations are being added to ensure that fantasy football maintains fair play. Fantasy football has some flaws, yet the government would be taking a large fallacious leap by banning or restricting it. It is imperative that the people do all they can to fight what could become an egregious error with profound impact on
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