Should Fast Food Be Allowed In Schools?

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Right now there is a lot of buzz going around about whether fast food should be sold in schools. There are reasons for both sides of the argument, but the strongest and best side is that fast food should not be sold in schools. The three main reasons why fast food should not be allowed in school is fast food is one of the main reasons for obesity, fast food is not sanitary and safe, and kids need to make healthy choices young. Fast food is one of the biggest reasons for obesity. Obesity can lead to death, and fast food leads to obesity. Almost 300,000 people die every year from problems connected to obesity/being overweight(Scholastic). This is saying that nearly 300,000 people die each year, just from being overweight or obese. This is important because it shows how fast food leads to obesity, and obesity leads to death. Also, obesity can lead to long term health issues. Obesity is connected to many long term health conditions, premature death, sickness including diabetes, heart disease, stroke, gallbladder disease, fatty liver, arthritis and joint disorders and some cancers(Mandal). This is saying that obesity leads to…show more content…
Fast food is one of the leading causes to obesity, fast food is not sanitary, and kids need to make healthy choices young. This is important because fast food is just the beginning. Soon, there will be no healthy foods left, and there will only be bad food to choose. Every kid will be obese or on their way to obesity. There will be many diseases and sicknesses going around from kid to kid. And there will never be any healthy choices being passed down from generation to generation. This is a problem that has a whole debate, but fast food should not be sold in schools is the side that is stronger. Instead of selling fast food, people should sell healthy food at schools and everywhere else. If people were to do that, the three problems explained in this article, would
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