Should Fast Food Be Allowed In Society

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Should fast foods be banned, limited or allowed in society?

Over the past decade, the living style of human beings has always been on a fast pace, because of this, society has been largely dependant on fast foods. The term ‘Fast Foods’ is regarded to be foods that can be prepared/served quickly. Over the past few decades, fast foods has become extremely popular, as it is relatively low in cost and quick to prepare. However through the research of many professors and researchers, it has been concluded that fast food causes many health problems such as obesity, high blood pressure, strokes, heart disease and some cancers. This is because of some of the harmful chemicals added within fast foods, such as trans fats and refine grains that cause heart disease and Cardiovascular disease,
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But environmental factors such as the production of these foods and economical factors such as the food industry’s earnings should also be taken into consideration regarding the problem of should fast foods be banned, limited or allowed in society?

Currently the fast food industry in USA makes around 160 billion US dollars per year, along with around 3.7 million employees. Because of the fact it is such a huge industry, it has a lot of economic influence. This means that the decisions regarding this industry would have a huge impact on the economic system. Ever since the major growth of the fast food industry in 1970, for the past 30 years, the childhood obesity rate has quadrupled. This shows a clear relationship between fast foods and obesity rate. The reason why people are getting obese from fast foods are because of huge calorie intakes within the consumption of fast foods. Consuming a single meal of

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