Should Felons Be Able To Vote Essay

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Today, more and more people often find themselves on the opposite side of the law. This can be for various reasons and some of the people who are convicted for crimes may in fact be innocent. There has always been a controversy on whether convicted felons should be able to vote or if they should be ostracized from political matters in general. In Texas, voting rights should be unalienable and be given to everyone including felons when they are incarcerated because if everyone doesn’t have the right to vote, this could be seen as a form of discrimination and result in prejudice acts against them.
As Texas law stands now, until a person completes their sentence they do not have the right to vote. Ex-convicts who have completed their time in
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It is clear to see that if incarcerated individuals could vote while in prison many negative factors they face would be prevented. However, Politician’s wouldn’t want this to happen because they know that this would go against or hurt their campaign for many reasons, one being they wouldn’t be able to successfully persuade both incarcerated individuals and those of us in society due to one party (incarcerated individuals or citizens) being able to benefit from the promises of the candidate and one not. This wouldn’t be beneficial to those who oversee private prisons either because they would be prosecuted if the truths came to light about the mistreatment and injustice of those who are in jail face in their day to day lives. These wrongdoings could be changed in many ways but if I had to step up and do it personally I would demonstrate through signing a petition or marching for change. Signing a petition that would speak out and highlight things that need to change to ensure a safe life for their inmates would ultimately cause the overseers to consider my proposition to prevent a scandal. This is a given because I would highlight both the benefits and drawbacks they would receive through either adhering to the petition or declining it. Their response would determine the next step I took to support my position
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