Should Female Athletes Be Paid Essay

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In this modern day and age there has been much debate over the pay gap between the genders. Athletics is no exception from this heated debate. Colin Flake even believes that the most distinct gender inequality can be found in the pay gap, rather in the work place or in athletics. Some question if women should be getting paid the same amount as men in sporting events when, even men bring in more revenue. This topic has been of interest to many athletes for some time now, many of whom would be likely to agree that athletes should be paid on their abilities and physical feats rather than for equality. There are some that believe that female athletes should be paid the same as men, in their respected sports; however, in many cases this idea would be unrealistic. In the instance of tennis, men often train harder and have longer tennis matches than women, so it would be unreasonable for women to be paid the same amount of money for their competitions. Since men bring more revenue to the sport, it has greater capacity to allow larger payout. Whereas women’s competition in tennis doesn’t bring as much revenue, resulting in a smaller capacity to increase the amount of payout available. Male tennis players should be paid more for their hard work due to the fact that they spend more time on the tennis court, are more athletic, and bring in more revenue.
Male athletes typically have longer and more physically demanding athletic competitions than their female counterparts (on
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Men usually tend to be physically stronger in all aspects and should not be treated the same as women. Even though women do play very long and intense matches, they do not compare to the matches that men play because men have longer rallies and they move around on the court
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