Should Females Be Allowed In The Military

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Since the year 2013, many from Congress, the Senate and the Pentagon have been trying to allow female soldiers in the combat role into our military forces. Even the SOCOM, Special Operations Command, has been considering allowing females into the special forces, saying they could benefit . For basic military entry, the physical standards for females are lower than the male basic military entry scores. If the Special Operation forces, like Navy SEALs, Green Berets, Air Force PJs and MARSOC, allow females in, then they can not lower the physical and body composition standards when volunteering for the Special Forces.

Special forces are highly trained and exceptionally determined soldiers in unconventional warfare, specialized in capturing high-value enemy personnel and terrorists around the world, carrying out small unit direct-action missions, and collecting information and intelligence through
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They usually don’t grow as much muscle as fast, and have weaker bones that, if under extreme pressure, like running with couple hundred pound logs down the beach for several hours, as SEALs do, would most likely cause stress fractures or worse, bone fractures that keep them from continuing their training. Not all females are like this, but most, and that is the main reason why they were not allowed in combat. If the standards are lowered, then the females would not be properly prepared for training and would have an extreme risk of injury. The male skeleton is bigger and gives them an inherent advantage, larger bones are generally stronger, ' says endocrinologist Professor Ignac Fogelman. Also at a hormonal level, men have 10 percent more testosterone. Testosterone helps the body lay down more muscle. Women are three times more likely to get rheumatoid arthritis as men, says Dr Annabel Bentley, Bupa 's assistant medical director. Around 375,000 women have the disease, compared with 125,000

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