Should Financial Literacy Be Taught In Schools Essay

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Financial fears have grown increasingly common in our society. It seems that the pile of bills on the kitchen table continues to grow as the money in our wallets continues to shrink. Everyday there are those who are unable to sleep because the fear of not being able to make ends meet gnaws at them. Research shows that financial fears have become some of the most prominent fears in America. But why is this the case? Finance is a subject that is a relevant to everyone in the world. Nobody is immune to the effects of finance. It doesn’t matter if you are pursuing a financial career or not. Everyone from garbage truck drivers to prominent CEO’s of fortune 500 companies worry at least once in their lives about their financial situation. Amidst the…show more content…
In grade schools core concepts such as history, math, english and science are taught because they are identified as concepts that will be useful to students in their future endeavors. I believe that finance is something equally relevant in our lives to merit its teaching in schools. The questions that such an endeavor arise is to what extent will such a curriculum have on the financial decisions of youth into adulthood? To what extent should financial literacy be taught in schools? Who should teach it? At what grade level should this program be implemented? Currently there are some states that require high school students to take a financial literacy class, but the numbers are very small. I seek to prove that teaching financial literacy in high school is too late because financial habits have already been established. I believe that a financial literacy curriculum should be started near the end of elementary school. I want to be able to prove that younger children are capable of learning these principles, and that by learning these principles while they are young will influence them to make healthier financial decisions when they are
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