Should Fine Arts Be Nourished In Schools?

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Has creativity literally been executed by schools? Why arrange math and science over other subjects? Since the start of middle school, students have been given a set number of "core subjects" they obtain gain credit for. Four out of the seven periods at school the kids endure sitting in a classroom, and listening to a teacher talk in relation to a subject that they may not practice later in life. In addition to core subjects, students must obtain credit for a foreign language, physical education, communication class, and human services course. After being told to enroll in these subjects, students only have one or two spaces left for whatever music classes and other fine arts classes they want to take. Numerous amounts of studies have proven that in order to produce well-rounded individuals one needs to have some experience in the arts. So why have schools not offered a variety of fine arts classes? Therefore, shouldn 't…show more content…
Ken Robinson gave a TED talk regarding creativity not being as nourished in schools as it should be. He talks in respect to the uncertainty of the future; and instead of telling the succeeding generation that they need to stick with a career path that will remain steady and beneficial, we need to support the paths they 've chosen. In addition to the parents pushing the kids to become successful in the arts, the schools they attend also need to have a game plan to help put these children on an accelerated and successful career path. He explains how in all education systems math and science stand at the top of the "hierarchy" with the arts at the bottom. The system comes about based on two ideas, subjects that prove useful for work and academic ability. A process of academic inflation that has been occurring has caused a progressive amount of college graduates to move back home and have a surprisingly little amount of motivation to achieve employment. Intelligence continues to be thought of as diverse, distinct, and
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