Should Fixed Mindset Be Taught In Schools

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Schools, they are meant to help children learn right wrong, basic life skills, and how to become intelligent adults. Students start school around the age of three and stay in it for as long as they need; however, school are failing to turn students into intelligent working adults. Parents are told when their children are struggling and when they are succeeding, but are they really succeeding? Humans are strange creatures; we become upset about the strangest things, and labeling children is just as bad as eating their snack during snack time. When children hear that they are either good or bad they start to believe this. It stays with them slowly shaping their minds. This is why when teachers are nicer to certain student rather than treating …show more content…

There are two known mindsets, a fixed mindset, and a growth mindset. The two may sound similar, but they are quite different. A growth mindset is a good mindset; it allows you to believe in yourself, it lets you try new things, and it helps you never give up. On the other hand there is the fixed mindset; this mindset is one that everyone has on some part or aspect of their life. A fixed mindset, as it sounds, makes your thoughts stay fixed about something; for example if someone is not good at math they might say that they are not a math person. That they will never be good at math; however, everyone is capable at being a math person as long as they put in an effort, and try there hardest. This fixed mindset is causing the students to not live up to their potential. It forces entered them to see what they have accomplished before and not what they can, and this is causing students to either advance in their class, or to fall behind their …show more content…

Everyone thinks in this way, even if they do not realize it; however this is causing people to stray from their full potential; this is causing America 's future to stray from its full potential, for the kids and students that you see today are tomorrow 's future, and we are slowly killing their chances. When we send each generation into the world with the knowledge of how to either fail, or succeed without any struggles we are practically to fight an uphill battle, and in twenty years when people start complaining about how this generation destroyed America 's future we won 't have anyone to blame except for ourselves. Because we are the reason that everyone turns out the way that they do, even of we do not realize it. Everything that we do has an effect on something, and when teachers treat students differently from each other they are helping that student fail in the future. This is why treacher need to treat all students the same, if they were to then the students would have a lower chance of gaining a negative fixed

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