Should Football Players Be Paid Essay

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Colleges make up to 3.5 billion dollars a year off of football. You might think the players, who do all the hard work, should get some of it. But, in a way, they do. First of all there are scholarships, some players can receive can get up to 160,000 dollars in scholarships. If the players receive these scholarships then it is like the school is paying them, it’s just they are allocated to spend the money on their education. Also college athletes have only about $12,000 in debt when they leave college. That may seem like a lot, but the average student has $35,000 in debt. That is nearly 3 times a college athete. Lastly, did you know colleges spend about $100,000 per player, per YEAR. As crazy as it seems, that amount is not taking into account scholarships. Essentially select schools are spending upwards of $150,000 a year, with scholarships, for some players.

If a college did decide to play its football players that would be easy right, just pay the players... Well not so much. First of all if you decided to play the football players you would have to pay all the players of what is considered “major sports”. This could cost millions of dollars. For some colleges that would be a pittance but for others it would be financially unstable. For those colleges that couldn’t afford it, well they would have to find a way to get that money,
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Some of those benefits are… Financial Security, Better life for you and your family, better jobs, more money for retirement, and much much more.Although there is one benefit that is unique to college football, which is that you have a chance to play in the NFL. Now playing college football should not be 4 years of paychecks, it should stay as an incredible experience that benefits you for a
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