Fossil Fuel Essay

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Should the Use of Fossil Fuel be Prohibited? Nowadays the fossil fuel is one of the most important resources in the earth, but its importance generates many problems to the planet. Fossil fuel is one of principal resource in the earth this resource consists in high levels of carbon and includes natural gas, petroleum, and coal. These elements are important to countries because, with them, the countries can create energy, materials, and others resources. In the same way, the necessity of energy and resources cause pollution, conflicts and issues with other countries that need it. Therefore, the fossil fuels should be prohibited because they generated contamination but also, fossil fuels produced economic problems and political issues, which could be solved avoiding the use of fossil fuel and using alternative energies. Fossil fuel is using to create products, but the production of these materials and the consumption of them results in pollution. The fossil fuel is necessary and it is use for everything, for instance with the fossil the people can make plastics, which are use for industries, fabrics, and commerce, to fabric shoes, tires,…show more content…
Lincoln states the following: Fossil fuel-sourced energy is the major cause of global warming and detrimental climate change. Since the beginning of the industrial age … Most of this rise is attributed to increasing anthropogenic CO² levels … It is anticipated that this will accelerate sea level and climate changes well beyond those arising from natural causes and will result in inundations of low/lying coastal areas, global changes in agricultural productivity and disease patterns (621). Moreover, the humans emit these gases to the ozone layer jeopardizing the life planet for use of combustibles in factories, production electricity and transportation. For this reason, the fossil fuel and its derivatives should be avoided, for holding the balance at our ecosystem and conserve our environment
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