Should Freedom Of Speech Be Limited Essay

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Should freedom of speech be limited under special circumstances? The First Amendment of the United States Constitution provides the American people with the liberty of being able to freely express themselves. Over the years, Westboro Church, an American Baptist Church which is known for their seemingly inappropriate picketing on the basis of the words that their signs are displaying has generated the question if there should be limits on free speech. Freedom of speech is a fundamental right and should not be restricted to mass extremes
Furthermore, the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects people’s freedom of speech as long as it doesn’t incite any type of violent behavior, fighting words and offensive speech. The United States is unique and incredible because it is one of the few countries where anyone can fully express themselves, for instance, being able to disagree with anyone or talk about how they feel about their current president freely. A country with different regulations on freedom of speech is Germany and how they handle certain topics. Particularly, the denial of the horrific events taken during The Holocaust. Expressing denial or making
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Restricting speech, in general, is not the way to go about things. If we use the same basis of seeing something that most would consider distasteful, then we would start restricting other things for the sake of restricting them. For instance, mass shootings are becoming an issue that everybody seems to have an opinion on. Most people suggest an outright ban on all guns and there's a problem with that concept. Restricting the Second Amendment strips away an innocent man's right to wield a weapon for personal protection. As America, we can't just start limiting foundational rights left and right because that leads to hurting the individual who came to America because of the freedom that America has when compared to other countries around the
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