Should Friar John Be Pardoned

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When the prince declares that some people will be pardoned and some will be punished the first people I think should be pardoned are Friar Lawrence and Friar John. In my opinion they were both doing it for the good of Verona and they weren’t meaning for anyone to get hurt. The people I think should be punished are Lady Capulet and her husband. Along with the Montagues. Such as lady Montague, her husband, and Balthasar. The reason I think Friar Lawrence should be pardoned is because the whole time he was really just there for Juliet. He was helping her through all the hard times she had been going through since she fell in love with Romeo. Not to mention he had helped to Marry her and Romeo by giving her the vial of herbs to make her appear dead.. I think that he was just trying to bring the family’s together because there brawls were affecting the whole town.…show more content…
So he agreed to marry them because he wanted the Capulet and Montague fights to end as well. His intentions were to have a letter sent to Romeo so he would know that Juliet wasn’t actually dead. The letter never reached Romeo, but I don’t think it was Friar Johns fault because he wanted them to get married in the first place to bring the families together to end the feud. On the other hand I think that Lady Capulet should be punished for being so hard on Juliet and trying to force her to marry Paris. Especially when she didn’t like Paris and she had no intentions of marrying him. I think she should be punished because she is one of the main reasons Juliet and Romeo couldn’t get married. All mostly because she wanted Juliet to share all of Paris’s money with her. Which is the most selfish act of all and a huge reason I believe she should be
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