Should Gambling Be Illegal Essay

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Should gambling and sports-betting be illegal or should the government regulate it? Did you know gambling could be a life and death situation people Will try to kill you if you win a gamble. it’s very likely to be hunted down or killed Gambling,It can be so bad if you put too much on the line you may lose your home or cars and other valuables. I think gambling should be, banded aloud it could cause loss of home and cars. this would a very addicting club event. even if it was aloud it would not Be a sport, Poker is another form of gambling.gambling in general is mostly starts on friday to sunday. betting and gambling it’s two main activities, Are drag racing and chest it’s still illegally done today. Gambling is mostly done in an abandoned places. It’s most likely in texas and georgia 1st is Texas 2nd Georgia. Uno is not technically gambling if you put money on it because it’s considered a family game. It’s also used for gambling pitch is like a Is like a salesman but it 's in secret. They…show more content…
very few now but about 12 years ago there was a Mild population of it most people know it now but your washing products like tide quotation, claims they fix that problem Quotation . Acey ducey is a guessing game basically you just guess the number the number your opponent has in there hand, and you win it still can be dangerous like other. Gambling games cards games can actually be a gambling game like Yi-gi-oh!!. If you win you get the money and plenty others like future card buddyfight and more. There is a, gambling game called 31, you spin a bottle and if it lands on you you half to give the money. the last man standing wins all the money then there 's a tournament. and out of all the money you 've won you give to The winner and the loser loses everything it’s best to back, out while you can. Gin rummy was the most popular gambling game in the world The winner quice the amount of money the loser has to give but the range is
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