Should Genetic Engineering Be Allowed In Embryo

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Imagine a baby just born, screaming, kicking, and gasping for air. The doctors save the baby, but they discover the new born has cystic fibrosis. Changing the DNA in the embryo can result in a longer period of life and the destruction of the disease(s) all together While the experimentation of DNA change could result in many problems, Genetic engineering should be allowed to alter the DNA in embryo because genetically passed down diseases can be eradicated from the human genome, cancer such as breast cancer can be prevented, and people could be saved in the early and latter half of their lives. Genetically transferred diseases or disorders such as cystic fibrosis can be devastating. This disease causes a higher vulnerability to contracting colds and causes breathing difficulties. Having a family member with some genetically passed disease is hard. Genetically passed down disorders do not happen in…show more content…
Breast cancer sometimes can be dealt with, but not all breast cancer is curable. However, the eradication of these diseases from the gene pool can save millions of lives and preserve the happiness of American citizens affected by this cancer. When breast cancer passes into a vital organ, the problem gets very serious. Gina Cook, who is a breast cancer survivor had to go through extensive surgery, she says “Because of my tumor 's size and it being in three out of 15 lymph nodes they removed from my arm, I began chemotherapy first to shrink the tumor.”(Cook) She then says, “Immediately I began three heavy and hard months of Chemotherapy. Throwing up so weak that I had to hold on to anything in sight to make it to my destination.” (Cook) Chemo therapy weakens the body leading to further damage. Chemo therapy and surgery both combined destroys the body. Chemo therapy causes loss of hair and weakness throughout the body. She went through chemotherapy to cure herself of breast

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