Should George Have Killed Lennie's Death

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Some decisions you have to make in life are so difficult that we would rather not have to deal with them. George Milton had to decide the fate of his closest friend’s life. Lennie Small, a character from John Steinback’s book Of Mice and Men, is a childlike adult that George looks after. They were best friends until he accidentally killed the wife of their boss’s son. George had to decide whether or not he would kill Lennie mercifully, or let the rest of the worker's murder him. I believe George should have killed Lennie because he has hurt people, can’t control himself, and would have probably ended up in a horrible mental institution anyway. Despite Lennie’s seemingly innocent nature, he hurts many people and animals throughout the story. He would pet mice and break their tiny bodies. He had a puppy and killed it for trying to bite him. He broke Curley’s wife’s neck when all she said was, “Feel right around there an’ see how soft it is,” (471) referring to her…show more content…
George is responsible for making sure Lennie has food, stays out of trouble, and stays safe. These seem like simple things, but not with him. When they were in Weed, he wanted to feel how soft a girl’s dress was, and didn’t let go when she wanted him to. It got completely out of hand and they had the sheriff looking for him. His memory was so awful, that after they ran out of there, he didn’t remember what he had done. All this does, is prove once again that George made the right decision. Killing Lennie was the kindest thing George could’ve done for him. Curley is always trying to start fights, so when Lennie, a very large man, shows up at the ranch he tried to assert his dominance. Lennie ends up crushing his hand, which makes Curley hate him even more. It just adds to the flames when Curley finds his wife dead in the barn. George did Lennie a favor by giving him a merciful death before Curley killed him in cold
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