Should Girls Have Dress Codes

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When you send a girl home because her shorts are too short or her clothing is immodest you are telling her that covering up her body is more important than her education" (anonymous). School dress codes should not be as strict as what they are now. The student handbook says that the dress code applied to both boys and girls, but then says things such as "...shirts and blouses should cover the shoulders and yoga pants are not permitted..." (student hand book page 26). Things like that are aimed towards girls. Why should girls be punished for being comfortable? Girls should be taught to embrace their bodies without consequences. I believe that dress code sexualizes young girls. The shoulders and legs of a young girl should not make anyone uncomfortable. And if a boy or boys are so distracted by a girls shoulder or legs, he should be the one to be punished. Instead of teaching girls to cover themselves up, teach boys that girls are not sexual beings. If girls can study through menstruation, then boys should be able to study with a girl showing her shoulders.…show more content…
Are you going to punish a girl for something she has absolutely no control over? Girls who express themselves through their clothing, but have a strict dress code are limited. So they have all this creativity and expression bottled. If it is such a big deal about a girl having her shoulders covered and shorts, skirts, and dresses to mid thigh length then, there needs to be a change in the cheerleading uniforms. Without the turtleneck undershirt, then their shoulders are completely exposed. And the skirts are way shorter than mid thigh length. But suddenly there is no dress code for
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