Explain Why Girls Should Not Be Allowed To Play In Sports Essay

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“BOOM” Have you ever heard of a girl getting hurt in a bor sport. Well, some people think that it is ok for the same gender to play at work together in the same sport. Isn’t it crazy that they would have a girl playing football or women on a basketball team? I strongly think that girls should be at least be able to try out for a boy’s sport. If they let some girls play on boy teams then maybe we could have a better country because people are understanding how different people can get along just fine. I think children when children are young they are thought to play together but on the other hand, when we get older we try to ban this activity. I can see why people wouldn’t want girls and boys on the same team because a lot of boys and men are getting hurt from them playing sports and when it comes for a first girl to be on an all-boys team the nation gets all quiet because they don’t want to take a risk and play. I think that some girls are fit enough to play an all boy sport, but the thing that is holding us down is when we have all these all-girl schools and when we have all boy schools. They show kids that they should play with the other gender and they should not learn to be the first when it comes to doing something with the other gender.…show more content…
In this time of day we need to realize that life is to short and any body can make the change we all just need to give that person a little more encouragement and we will have a better nation. People need to try something new because you only get one life and you need to try new things and live new experiences for people and especially for young people and kids because this new generation needs to step up their game and if we all do our part we could have a better nation and we could have less wars and start getting
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