Should Government Control School Lunches Essay

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Have you ever wondered how the government controls your school lunches? The government controls your school lunches by wisely choosing highly nutritious meals by having many fruits, vegetables, banned unhealthy things, helped children in poverty, and they also created a lunch act. They also balanced out the foods from all five food groups and they have reduced overall fat content by serving more vegetarian main courses, less beef and pork, and fewer fried foods. They have put more of a variety of dishes by serving pasta and tacos and have helped families with low incomes by reducing the costs or having no costs at all for families who qualify. Every school meal is required to meet the dietary guidelines. Schools have done a lot of things to make sure their lunches are healthy. The Heritage Foundation, an independent, non-profitable institution, said that there are severe restrictions on calories, nutritional content, and portion sizes (Bakst). They also say that the reason that the government controls school lunches is because parents can’t be trusted to teach their children how to make dietary choices…show more content…
Kids should be able to eat what they want to eat. It is not the government 's job to tell kids what they can and cannot eat, it is the parent’s. Parents need to be more aware of what their kids are eating in school, not the government. Right now, kids must have either a vegetable or fruit on their tray. Now the garbage is much heavier now, due to all the apples and oranges being thrown away. The schools are also making a lot less money from lunch accounts because the kids are bringing their own lunches every day instead of eating the food that is served at school because kids think it is
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