Should Government Monitor The Internet

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"Bill of Rights Institute Essay The Internet is a place where every citizen in America has access. Through the internet, people can communicate with any individual or research any entity such as an organization or government website. Criminals and terrorists can find access to anything, giving them the information they want or contact anyone they would like. The Federal Communication Commission (FCC), the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are a few of government agencies that monitor or regulate internet use in the United States. State and Local governments also have agencies that monitor suspected criminals. Some people argue the government monitoring internet use restricts citizens_Ñé rights due to multiple amendments and laws. The difference is the extent of the duty each level of government has to monitor people_Ñés internet use. The United States_Ñé Government should have full responsibility to monitor the internet, so they may interrupt criminal activity and terrorism before it happens and protect innocent citizens from danger.…show more content…
The NSA has worked with Google and the FBI to monitor internet use (Dewey). The FBI is a part of the federal government and has recently been exposed for monitoring the internet. Although people argue that monitoring internet use is against the First Amendment, most cases the FBI and NSA use monitoring for include _ÑÒcomputer hacking, drug probes, extortion investigations, and one intellectual property case_Ñù (Hopper). Internet monitoring is only against the First Amendment if the government does not have probable cause. The government uses internet monitoring in positive ways to keep the people of the United States

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