Should Gum Be Allowed In School

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Gum in School

There are many arguments on whether chewing gum in class should be aloud.

For a long time, gum hasn’t been allowed in schools. Either the whole school has

banned gum, or it’s the teacher’s choice whether or not the students can have it. They

say that gum isn’t allowed because students make a mess by putting gum under the

desks. Kids only do that because they don't want to be caught throwing it away. So

really there is no reason to not chew gum in class. Students should be able to chew

gum in school because it helps kids focus and it can make your teeth stronger.

One reason gum chewing is good for students is it helps them focus. According

to chewing gum facts, they explain how chewing gum helps you do better on your work
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Chewing gum helps people think rather that talk because their mouths are

occupied. Chewing gum gets people to perform better and to really think and listen to

what they’re learning.

Lastly, chewing gum is actually good for teeth. The American Dental Association

talks about how gum is good by saying, “Chewing sugarless gum for 20 minutes

following meals can prevent tooth decay.” So sugar free gum can actually have some

positive effects on your teeth. On the website Ask Doctor K, he explains how gum can

have great effect by saying, “the act of chewing gum does tend to fight cavities.”

Although he says regular gum isn’t good for you, he explains how sugar free gum can

help some things in your mouth. Gum is good for your teeth and there isn’t any reason

for schools to ban them.

Gum should be allowed in school because it helps people do better on tests and

work and can also help your teeth. All gum does is help students with what they are

doing in class. So what is the point of not being able to chew gum? Chewing gum in

class is what most kids want. Letting everyone do that would just have positive effects

on the school and the
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