Should Gun Control Prevent Mass Shootings

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Fifteen thousand Americans dead, thirteen thousand from guns in twenty-seventeen, making sixty percent of murders involving guns. We are told over and over again, do not politicize events involving shoots. Americans, kids, adults, everyday people, how many more of them have to die before something is done? There is a need for gun control and the time to do it is now. Gun control will prevent more mass shootings, like it did in Australia and the United Kingdom, reduce murders drastically, as seen in other countries, and kill off donations to politicians, removing the political influence of guns. As stated, based off the evidence of research, it is believed that gun control will prevent mass shootings in America, on a rapid scale. According to the British Broadcasting Company, there were over three hundred and seventy mass shootings in twenty-fifteen, killing four hundred and seventy five people and wounding one thousand eight hundred and seventy. Comparatively, the United Kingdom has not had a mass shooting since 2 June 2010, Derrick Bird killed ten people and injured eleven. It is argued, however, that to protect ourselves from these mass shootings we should create “Hard Targets”, as seen throughout the media and politics, including President Trump, tweeting; "Armed Educators (and trusted people who work within a school) love our students and will protect them," However many teachers have come against this idea and many fear the idea of this ever happening in their

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